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Everest Power Pack for all models – 2015+
>> 2.0 L diesel ECU recalibration is not available.

  • Tickford ECU recalibration (3.2 L diesel)
  • Tickford 3″ stainless steel cat-back exhaust
  • Dual side-outlet matte black exhaust tips
  • Tickford Enhanced tailgate badge
  • Tickford driveline warranty*
  • Tickford parts warranty*

The pack items listed above can be purchased separately. The pictures do not reflect the Everest Power Pack.

*Refer to FAQ for more information on warranty.

The Tickford Adventure Pack is the next level up from the Power Pack, including 20″ wheels, all-terrain tyres and fender flares.

  • 20 x 9” Tickford Wheels
  • AT Tyres 285/55R20
  • Fender flares (coming soon)
  • Tickford ECU recalibration (3.2 L diesel)
  • Tickford Enhanced tailgate badge